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History of CHEF TUNES

The Fun Cafe is Now Open!!!
     Hello and welcome to The Fun Café! Chef Tunes is serving up a fresh batch of silly savoury songs, tangy, tasty tea-time tricks and jelly belly laughs for the entire family.
     Have a seat while the young ones participate in classic kid’s cuisine like ‘Apples and Banana’ and ‘Five Fat Sausages’ while older ones are laughing to ‘Addicted to Chips’ and ‘Lasagna’. The oldest kids may still remember Cab Calloway’s classic ‘Everybody Eats When They Come To My House’.
     Chef Tunes’ has created a unique original recipe for all ages to enjoy. Bon Appetit!
What's On Yo' Plate?

    The idea behind the Chef Tunes musical programme, ‘What’s On Yo’ Plate’, began in 1997 in a response to some parents concern over their children’s eating habits.
    Targeting pre-school and primary aged children in Birmingham, Alabama, a series of children’s songs about food were selected and performed, interspersed with jokes and games, to present information about food. It was a fun way to present food facts children did not know or needed reminding.
     The music used in the presentation came from a broad selection of traditional children and novelty songs gathered from around the world. Australia, Scotland, America, Europe and elsewhere. Original songs by Ric Herrington have also been included in the programme.
     Simply delicious!

The Original: Cafe La Musique

     The character of Chef Tunes was originally created by Ric Herrington in 1985 and developed into a cable TV show in Phoenix, Arizona called Café La Musique, It featured an appetizer performer, a main course performance and a new artist for dessert!
     Chef Tunes introduced the performers along with interjecting visual comedy bits!

Photo:Verve Communications

CHEF TUNES - the Singin' Chef knows how to cook up exciting times for all ages. Clydebank Shopping Centre was the scene of his humourous antics i August of 2001.

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CHEF TUNES' Cineplex 3
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CHEF TUNES' Magical and Musical Cookin' Skool
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For more information, please contact: 
Ric Herrington
69 Marchfield Avenue
Paisley PA3 2QE
0141 889 2468