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The Singin’ Chef Food Songs:

Jelly Belly (2,4,6,8) (Singing Kettle)  Can Use Any Foods

Apples and Bananas (Barney)  Apples & Bananas

On Top Of Spaghetti (Tom Paxton)  Spaghetti

Buy Me A Banana (Singing Kettle) Bananas

Kosher Food Song (BBC Pathways)  Any Fruit & Veg, Special Meats, Special Fish

Everybody Eats When They Come To My House (Cab Calloway)  Any Foods

I Lobster and I Never Flounder (Laurence and Braddock)   Sea Food Images

Auld Loch Fyne (Ric Herrington)  Sea Food Images

Five Fat Sausages (Singing Kettle)   Sausages – Beef or Pork or Lamb

Aiken Drum (Bob McGrath)    Any Foods

Lasagna (Ritchie Valens-La Bamba) Italiam Foods

Addicted To Chips (Robert Palmer—Addicted To Love)   Potatoes  varieties

Eat It (Michael Jackson—Beat It)     Junk Food images

Strangers in Your Soup (Allan Sherman)   Soup

Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch - (Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna)  No direct food references

Mashed Potatoes (Tom Paxton)    Mashed Potatoes

Somebody's Hungry   (Tom Paxton)    

Somebody Burped (Tom Paxton)   Junk Food

The Pizza That Ate Chicago (Tom Paxton) Pizza, & cheese and meats a few more surprises!

… the list of environmental health and health education songs available on request. 


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