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CHEF TUNES' Food Magic
For You To Perform

Vanishing Coin In Serviette  

  A serviette or handkerchief and a heavy coin, such as a 50p piece. (10 will do) The left hand place the cloth over it, and draws it clear, by a hanging corner, to show that the coin is still there. After this has been repeated a few times, place the cloth over the coin, one corner first. In drawing the cloth, so that the coin will stick up under the centre, grasp the coin with the fingers and thumb of the left hand and, holding it under the cloth corner, draw it clear, sticking up the right forefinger under the cloth to look as if the coin is still there. Now draw away the cloth completely, to show the right hand innocent of the coin. Drop the serviette in our lap, coin and all. Bring it out again a few seconds later but leave the coin on your lap.

The Singing Wine Glass

  A wine glass, filled with any kind of liquid, is made to sing by the magician, simply by waving a folk over it. All he has to do is pluck the prongs of the fork, easy enough, as he waves both hands and a fork over the glass. The resulting ‘pig-poing’ sound will be thought to be emanating from the liquid if your acting ability is good enough.

Grape Stuff

If there is a fruit bowl on the table, plus some aerated drink (a not likely combination) try the follow Eat a grape, placing the pips on your plate. Pour the aerated beverage into a glass and drop a grape pip in the glass. It will of course sink, but when told, it will rise again to the top of the glass! The carbonated liquid takes care of the whole thing, and causes the pip to rise. All you have to to is ‘time’ your word of command.

When everyone’s attention is elsewhere, secretly take a grape, and hide it in your hand. When attention is not diverted, openly take a grape from the dish in the same hand. Mention that you have ‘one grape’. Get someone to hold out a palm, and place the grape on it, closing his fingers over it. But what you really do is place the two grapes in his hand. Now take another grape from the dish and eat it. Tell the man holding his hand closed to open it. He now has two grapes… the one you placed there and the one you have just eaten. (At least that’s your story.)


Sympathetic Bananas


The effect is that you take two bananas from the fruit dish, open one and cut it into three section. You explain the sympathy that exists between the two bananas. When you open the second banana, it is already divided into three pieces!

The second banana, previously prepared, was planted on the dish.

Put a needle through the skin of the second banana and gently ‘cut’ the inside of the banana.

Cut and Restored String 

Production Of Matches

  A matchbox is shaken, and there is no rattle it is obviously enply. Yet when opened it is found to be filled with matches. When the box is closed and shaken they are heard to rattle.

Upon My Sole!

 A safety match can normally only be struck on the side of its box. But the magician is able to strike one on the sole of his shoe. He is ale to do so because he has had the foresight to break one of the striking edges from a matchbox, and glue it to the sole of his sole, unto that portion between the sole and heel which never touches the ground.

The Relit Match

The party entertainer takes a match from an ashtray, a quite obviously used and burnt match, and strikes it to produce a flame!

The match is in fact an unused one, which has been pared down with a penknife, just below its head, and dipped into Indian ink. This gives a perfect burnt-match illusion.

The Donut Trick (The Chung-Ling-Soo Coins)

  In seeming to thread and secure the first donut (coin) and secure the first donut, the dirty work is done. The loop of the double string was pushed through the hole, then half of the donut was pushed through the loop and the string pulled tight. The other donuts were threaded on the string, so that when the ends were held, the threaded donut supported them all. Under cover of a handkerchief, you only have to reverse the moves of the supporting donut, releasing it, so that the other coins would drop free. Then, again under the cover of the handkerchief he would replace the supporting donut, so that it looked undisturbed.

Rubbery Egg

Confuse your audiences with a specially prepared egg, which you have soaked in strong vinegar for two days and taken out of the solution just before the demonstration.. Place your egg amongst some ordinary one, but be careful to remember which one it is.

Take the special egg and tell the audience that by throwing the egg with superior skill it is possible to make it bounce. After (eggsercising) your successful egg-bouncing, some of your friends may want to test their skill, and this cold be quite messy!

Horrid Hunger

Worms out of spaghetti

Goldfish out of slivers of carrot and placed amongst greenery in a fish bowl.

Slithery bugs out of marzipan and painted with food colour.


Five Loafs With One Hand


Famous Foods

Ask the audience to call out names of favourite foods. Pretend to write each name of a piece of paper, but just continue to write the first name given. Ask people to spell the names to keep the audience guessing.

Tell them you will make a prediction. Write the first name again and put it into an envelope.

Fold the papers and mix them up in a chef’s hat. Ask a volunteer to select one and read it.

Educated Egg

Lick the end of the egg to moisten it. As you joke with your audience, gently turn the egg in the salt you have hidden in your hand.

Say your magic word and slowly set the egg upright on the table. Brush your hands together (to get rid of the secret salt) and say ‘Hey Presto!’


Before you start, dissolve some sea-salt in a glass of warm water. Place it next to a glass containing ordinary water. Take car to remember which is which. Ask someone to pick any two eggs from a bowl. Say which will sink and which will float.

Carefully put the eggs into the correct glasses and take your applause.

Money Making Magic

Place a banknote n a table. Fold it lengthwise, one, twice and then fold once more in the other direction. Make exactly the same fold in the blank piece of paper and stick the two pieces of Blu-Tack to it. Turn the folded banknote so that it is the other way up with respect to the folded piece of paper and attach them using the Blu-Tack.

Explain to your audience that you have been sent a magical piece of paper in the post. Tell them that a note that came with the piece of paper promised that you would make a lot of money from it.

            Open the envelope and carefully take out the blank piece of paper. Hold it so that you can use one hand to obscure the corner, which has the bank note stuck to the back of it.

  As you fold talk to the audience and try not to look at you hands. Once the last fold has been made, casually pass one hand in front of the paper and turn the who thing around. Start to unfold the banknote keeping the now folded blank piece hidden all the time.

As you unfold the banknote, look at your hands to direct the audience’s attention back to what your are doing. To them it will seem that you are unfolding the same piece of paper.

Once the banknote is fully unfolded, separate it from the blank piece and hold it up to the light to check if its real. Conceal the still folded blank piece in the other hand and casually reach into your pocket of four wallet. Drop the blank piece in your pocket and placed the bank note inside with great satisfaction.

The Dissolving Coin

A medium sized coin, a clear glass, some water, a large handkerchief and an elastic band.

Invisible Thread

With bar towel rolled up.

Indivisible Match

Penetrating Pen

Maths Madness (1089)

Get a volunteer to call any three digit number in which all the numerals are different (638).

Have her write down her number in reverse order.

Now subtract the smaller from the larger.

Now write down this number in reverse order and add it to the total.Sometimes a 99 will show. In this case add 99 + 99. 1089

Number Nine (Every Time)

  Open a page of a recipe book and turn it to page 9. Circle the number and write ‘Chef Tunes’Get a volunteer to think of a four-digit number in which all numerals are different. Tell her to write it down.

Now get her to jumble the digits and write the down number (below the first if its smaller or above if its larger)

Now subtract the smaller from the larger.

Next, add up the total of all the digits. If it is a two digit number add those. The number will always be 9.

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